CRMO policy in regards to Virtual (Online) Manual Osteopathic Care

The College of Registered Manual Osteopaths Canada was asked by the extended health plan insurance industry in Canada to provide information on virtual (online) manual osteopathic care. Specifically insurers were interested to know about:

-Is it within their scope of practice for an= manual osteopath to offer virtual therapy?

-What type of services can be offered virtually?

-Is the use of virtual therapy permitted only during the COVID-19 pandemic or is this a service that was performed prior to the pandemic?

-Are there guidelines or rules osteopaths must follow when performing virtual therapy?

CRMO policy in regards to virtual manual osteopathic care is as follow:
It is within the scope of practice of registered manual osteopaths to offer virtual (online) manual osteopathic care. Virtual care is limited to showing therapeutic joint specific exercises as well as offering ergonomic advice on how to sit, stand, lift, sleep, etc. Generally these objectives are accomplished in two sessions. The first session is when the RMO shows the exercises and offers ergonomic advice. The 2nd session is for patient to perform the exercise and ergonomic suggestions as directed by RMO in previous session to ensure he/she is performing them correctly. CRMO does not feel more than 2 virtual therapy sessions are necessary. Virtual manual osteopathic care is a new service while COVID-19 state of emergency is in effect. Once this health crisis is over, there is no need for online manual osteopathic sessions.

RMOs must follow the regular established policies of College of Registered Manual Osteopaths, such as keeping proper records when offering virtual manual osteopathic care. When insurers are billed, the invoice must clearly mention that the service offered was a virtual session.

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