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Council of Elders Chair: Hereditary Chief Delbert Good (Si’m o Gyet Yobx)

Council of Elders Board Member: Hereditary Chief Kym Guno-Good

Council of Elders Board Member: Hereditary Chief Arthur Morgan

Indigenous Peoples Public Member: Alysia Good

Indigenous People Public Member: Ruby Morgan

President: Amber Bellis, DOMP, DN, DO (Spain), PhD, RMO

Registrar: Shirin Poor Gol, BA, DOMP, DO (Spain), RMO

Legal Council: Dr. Mateen Pourgol, JD

Registration Committee Chair: Daniel Fow, DOMP, RMO

Fitness to Practice Chair: Melanie Price, RMT, DOMP, RMO

Insurance Relations Committee Chair: Judy Tanko, DOMP, RMO

Quality Assurance Chair: Janet Maendel, BSc (Ost), DOMP, RMO

Patient Relations Committee: Cherise Jacques, CST-T, DOMP, RMO

Discipline Committee Chair: Dan Renaud, BPE, RMT, DOMP, PhD, RMO

Indigenous Relations Chair: Amber Bellis, DOMP, DN, DO (Spain), PHD, RMO

Executive Committee Chair: Dr. Doug Devlin, DOM, BSc (Ost), MBA, MSc, DO, PhD

Inquiries, Complains & Reports Committee Chair: Ali Haghighi, DOMP, BSc (Ost), DO (EU), RMO

Board Member: Angela Waller, BSc. HK, CSEP-CPT, DOMP, RMO

Board Member: Korena Carballo, DOMP, RMO

Board Member: Teresa Nieman, BSc., TCMP, R.Ac, DOMP, RMO

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