College of Registered Manual Osteopaths (Canada) members must follow the provincial laws where they practice in regards to what they can call themselves.

Only in Quebec manual osteopaths are permitted to call themselves “osteopaths”. The term “osteopath” is a regulated term in other provinces such as Ontario and is awarded only to licensed medical doctors who are members of their provincial College of Physicians and Surgeons.

CRMO members are not osteopaths or osteopathic physicians. CRMO members are not doctors. They do not provide medical care. They provide manual osteopathic care.

CRMO members are Registered Manual Osteopaths and must use the title of manual osteopath. Any CRMO member (outside Quebec) who uses the title of “osteopath” is guilty of a professional misconduct and faces disciplinary action.

CRMO encourage its members in Quebec to use the title of registered manual osteopath (RMO) or its French version, instead of osteopath in order to avoid confusing the public. CRMO members outside Quebec must use the title of registered manual osteopath instead of osteopath.

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