College of Registered Manual Osteopaths Information Package on its Committees, Code of Ethics, Standard Billing Practices, Policies and Guidelines has been prepared and will be emailed to all CRMO members within the next 7 days.Once received members must read it within a month and send an email confirmation to CRMO that they have received the information package and that they comply with its content. This information package consists of the following:

CRMO Executive Committee (Page 3)

CRMO Discipline Committee (Page 5)

CRMO Inquiries, Complaints & Reports Committee (Page 8)

CRMO Council of Elders (Page 10)

CRMO Insurance Relations Committee (Page 11)

CRMO Indigenous Relations Committee (page 13)

CRMO Fitness to Practise Committee (Page 15)

CRMO Quality Assurance Committee (page 17)

CRMO Patient Relations Committee (Page 20)

CRMO Registration Committee (Page 22)

CRMO Guideline on Standard Billing Practices (Page 24)

The Disciplinary Process of CRMO (Page 27)

CRMO Code of Ethics for Registered Manual Osteopaths (Page 29)

CRMO Guideline on Misconduct Prevention (Page 31)

CRMO Advertising Guideline for Registered Manual Osteopaths (Page 33)

Authorized Health Acts in Canada (Page 34)

CRMO Informed Consent Guideline (Page 35)

Insurers Reporting Requirement (Page 36)

CRMO Guideline on Touching Clients (Page 37)

Funding for Therapy and Counselling for Victims of Sexual Abuse (Page 38)

Mandatory Reporting (Page 40)

Reporting by Clinic Owners and Employers(Page 41)

Names and Contact Information of CRMO Board Members (Page 42)

General Information about CRMO (Page 46)

Continuing Education Requirements (Page 48)

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